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Adult Therapy Assistance Program


The VPWAT Assistance Program aims to alleviate the financial burden of seeking Dialectical Behavior Therapy by providing financial support to offset the cost of comprehensive DBT for 6 months to 1 year. Recipients work with a CDBTA team clinician while engaging in comprehensive DBT treatment. In recognition of the economic disadvantages that limit some from experiencing the benefits of therapy, the VPWAT Assistance Program is available to help clients afford services.  

Applicants may apply for the VPWAT Assistance Program during the pre-treatment process. Applications are processed and approved during the initial 4 to 6-week pre-treatment process. Once approved, applicants will be paired with the first available clinician for comprehensive DBT treatment. The VPWAT Assistance Program is available to up to 5 applicants per year and due to limited space, may require applicants to join a waitlist following pre-treatment until a CDBTA team clinician becomes available. 


In honor of Valeda,
late grandmother of CDBTA founder and a strong force in community service & fundraising during her entire adult life 

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